Ross Hail 

Mr. Hail is the founding partner of Pro GC and managing director & distributor of Roser Stone Coated Steel Roofing Systems. Ross brings over 20 years of experience to the construction industry including 15 years operating his own construction and insurance restoration company operating in 26 states across the U.S. In addition, Ross is an expert in slate, tile, and metal roof systems and the #1 installer of Ludowici clay tile in the country.  

Mr. Hail has overseen well in excess of 400 million dollars of insurance restoration while maintaining a perfect record with both the BBB and workplace injuries. 

Elected president of member services of the National Insurance Restoration Council (NIRC) in 2015, he helped pave the way for reform in much needed industry reform. The NIRC acts as the principal advocate for improved legislation and case law to protect consumers and contractors when dealing with insurance claims throughout the nation.  

On his newest endeavor Ross grabbed the stone coated industry by the tail and is turning Roser stone coated steel into a household name with the most cost-efficient, highest quality metal roofing system on the market anywhere. Roser is the world’s largest stone coated steel manufacturer and is installed in over 70 countries.

Over the past 17 years Ross has recruited some of the industry’s top project managers, sales reps, general managers. In 2015, seven of the RSI top 100 roofing companies are products of both his eye for talent and his training.  


Charles “Chip” Gary 

Chip graduated Louisiana State University with a bachelors and then entered the construction and mitigation field. As the owner of Logan Multicraft LLC since 1993, Mr. Gary has grown the company to include operations in seven states including Florida. Logan Multicraft LLC also benefits from the association with Rainbow International, one of the largest restoration networks in the nation.  

Chip has handled millions of dollars via insurance claims as well as reconstruction and mold remediation projects. Mr. Gary holds certifications including IRCR, WRD, FSRI, OCT, ASD, AMRT, CDS and lead certification for all EPA administered states.  

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