Insurance Claims


Property Insurance

Property insurance essentially protects your important investment in the event of loss. “It’s never going to happen to you….until it happens to you!” Insurance companies are notorious for simply denying a claim or paying significantly less than what it takes to PROPERLY rebuild. Dealing with the aftermath of damage and getting back to regular life typically requires a tremendous investment of energy, nerves, research and patience. Working with Pro GC after an unfortunate event is equivalent to rebuilding a home with a team of seasoned professionals and craftsmen with the proper tools versus a few “guys” and a truck. A property owner is usually limited to the deductible payment listed in the policy. Why make the process harder than it has to be?


Attorneys are traditionally compensated in the form of a large percentage of claim proceedings reducing your net payout and sometimes complicating the rebuild. In addition, lawyers often significantly prolong the settlement process.


Public adjusters (PAs) usually take 10% of the payout proceeds. Unfortunately, due to a lack of experience in the SWFL Florida market, many PAs improperly scope or assess the damage. In addition, the PA may not go the extra mile as the DIFFERENCE in the payout may not be in his or her interest.


Attorneys and PAs are not contractors. By law, they are not allowed to refer you to a contractor as it is a conflict of interest. Guess what? That leaves you, the property owner, in charge of receiving line item quotes from multiple trades. Contractors are not in business to write free quotes…especially in our SWFL’s booming construction environment. Very often it turns into a full time job getting pricing from plumbers, electricians, HVAC, kitchen and bathroom professionals, carpenters, flooring installers, painters, masons, framers, landscapers and the list goes on.


Every insurance claim is unique with its own challenges. With over 60 years of combined insurance claim experience and a track record of superior EMS, roofing and restoration work, Pro GC knows how to efficiently assess the damage and provide a game plan to efficiently and professionally allow the property owner and their families or business to get back to their regular lives. How can we do this?

Pro GC holds both the Florida State Roofing AND General Contracting Licenses. The combination of the proper licensing, know how and building knowledge simplifies both the claims process and the restoration work. We also have relationships with a number of third party experts to handle any situation or challenge that may arise…and, yes, they take our calls!


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