Analysis by paralysis is common when it comes to planning a kitchen renovation. There are so many variables involved in creating a practical and aesthetically pleasing kitchen. How about color combinations? What kind of cabinets? What kind of paint is best?  What is the best place to buy accessories? What layout options do we have? Can we afford what we want?   What do I recommend for the “perplexed homeowner”?

The best, most efficient first step is to simply search Google for “kitchen renovation” and click the “images” section for ideas. You can even search for the color you want. For example, “kitchen renovation grey”.  Guess what images you will see? You guessed it…grey!   DON’T OVER COMPLICATE THE PROCESS! Simply take a picture of the computer screen of the image you like and use them for reference and/or text your renovation expert with a quick note of the element(s) you like.

An experienced kitchen re modeler will then be able to give you advice and produce a similar kitchen in your price range. Wow, isn’t that refreshing? That’s working smart!   CALL PRO GC IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING A KITCHEN RENOVATION. WE DO THINGS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME !